25+ Best Merchants on ShareASale Affiliates (High Paying)

ShareASale is one of the most popular and largest affiliate marketing networks that are very beginner friendly.

It has a very large and reliable network consisting of many advertisers (merchants) as well as affiliates (publishers).

If you are already a ShareASale affiliate member, you can work and earn from it.

But if you don't have their approval, you need to get approval from ShareASale affiliate marketing network first.

Once approved by him, you'll get an impressive affiliate dashboard where you can track your clicks, leads, sales, and more.

So, if you are reading this post, I am sure you are looking for some of the best ShareASale traders.

If I'm not mistaken, let me know that here in this article, I will reveal some of the most popular and highest paid merchants on ShareASale.

Those merchants have affiliate programs that pay very well, so you can join them and you can contribute to making money online in affiliate marketing.

What you will get here

  • Best ShareASale Affiliate Programs
  • High paying affiliate offers
  • Tips for Success at ShareASale
  • ShareASale Affiliate Network Beginner's Guide
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List of Best Merchants on ShareASale:

1. WP Engine

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WP Engine is one of the largest WordPress hosting providers providing people with the best hosting services.

Along with a well-known and reliable hosting service, it also has a very popular affiliate program that also pays very well.

WP Engine is a strong seller on ShareASale and so their affiliate is also very good.

To join your affiliate program, you must first login to our ShareASale control panel and then search by name.

Let me tell you that there are 3 WP Engine offers, so you can join any of them, you will have access to all 3 links in the offer.

Once approved, you have the opportunity to earn a very good commission, so you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $35-$200
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

2. FreshBooks

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FreshBooks is one of the most popular accounting affiliate programs with very high payouts, and thus, that's why it's so popular in the affiliate marketing industry.

Let me tell you that FreshBooks is one of the best vendors with a good range of power.

It is basically an accounting and payroll software that is a great help to all small and medium business owners.

So, to earn money with this software, you just need to join their affiliate offer, you just need to apply.

Once approved by him, you should promote to an audience interested in this type of accounting and payroll services or software, no doubt that audience will be business owners.

Read more- How to promote accounting affiliate programs.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $55-$200
  • Commission Per Lead- $5-$10

3. Gusto

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Gusto is also an alternative to FreshBooks, which means it's also a popular accounting, management, and payroll software, and one of ShareASale's top sellers.

Gusto website has millions of traffic, with that you can easily think about the power of this platform or software.

Let me also tell you that Gusto's power rank is #4, which means he is the 4th best trader on ShareASale, which means he is very big.

To promote your affiliate offers you have to join and it also has very high commission.

Gusto's audience is the same as FreshBooks, so if you have approval for both offers, it will be easier for you to promote both offers.

Therefore, this way you can generate very good commission in online affiliate marketing.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $100
  • Commission Per Lead (Accountant)- $50

4. ShareASale

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ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Network has its own affiliate program, which is one of my favorite programs.

It gives you a commission for both the sale and the lead, and that's why I like this offer.

But this offer is somewhat different from others, here you don't need to sell any product or service.

Here, all you need to do is just promote this network to merchants and affiliates.

If a merchant follows your affiliate link and joins this network, you will receive a commission of $150, but there are some conditions to receive this commission.

If an affiliate follows your affiliate link and joins this network, you will receive a $30 commission if that affiliate is approved and earns a minimum of $20 commission.

So this is the ShareASale affiliate offer commission system.

The best part is that once you are approved by this network, you don't need to apply separately to take advantage of this offer, you will have instant access to their links, banners, etc.

You will find this offer in your top sellers list in your affiliate dashboard.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $150
  • Commission Per Lead- $30

5. Homebase

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Homebase also provides accounting, administration and programming services.

It is also popular in this network and has millions of traffic, so you can easily trust this platform and its affiliate program.

The best thing about this offer is that it offers you to run a commission and you know it's very easy for us to generate leads and this is CPA Marketing.

But let him know that he does not offer a single dollar for sale.

You just need to join this affiliate program and then you need to choose your affiliate links and start promoting people who are small or medium business owners.

This way, you are looking for a good conversion rate that is enough to earn from affiliate marketing.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $0
  • Commission Per Lead- $10

6. Wondershare

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Everyone knows Wondershare software, there are various software from Wondershare and they are very useful.

Wondershare Filmore is a very popular video editing software, even I use this software to edit my YouTube videos and my experience with it is amazing.

So to earn you have to become their affiliate member in this ShareASale network where they give you very high commission.

Let me tell you that promoting this offer will be very easy for you as it already has a good brand value in the online market.

So you have to try harder to convince people to buy this software.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 30%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

7. Namecheap

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Namecheap is one of the most popular web hosting service providers with very affordable hosting plans.

All beginners who want to start their online career need hosting and most of them prefer to choose Namecheap as their hosting provider because of its low price plans and best services.

Therefore, once you join our affiliate program, it will be easier for you to generate sales from this offer because you don't need to put more effort into marketing.

People know the Namecheap brand and will easily trust you and will certainly buy hosting from your affiliate links.

So you will form a committee, so it's as simple as this.

Let me also tell you the best thing is that it is one of the instant approval affiliate programs, which means you will get instant access to their affiliate links, banners, etc.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 30%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

8. Grammarly

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Grammarly is one of my favorite tools that I use in my daily work.

It's basically a grammar and typo checker that also comes as a Chrome extension.

It will help you with any grammatical mistakes you have made while writing or doing your papers and it will help you with your writing fluency.

They also have a very good affiliate program that pays a decent commission for every qualified sale.

So it is very easy for you to join your affiliate program and promote it to people because this tool or extension is very useful for all people.

You also pay a lead commission to your affiliates, the lead commission is not that high but still enough to increase your affiliate earnings.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $20
  • Commission Per Lead- $0.20

9. Sopro

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Sopro is one of the best and popular B2B email marketing services, which means that it provides email marketing services to businesses.

This platform is really very big.

So, if you have an audience of several companies or you can promote your affiliate offer to a company that needs a good email marketing service, let me make it clear that you can earn in affiliate marketing.

The commission offered by this program is higher than all the programs mentioned in this post.

You also provide very good lead commission to affiliates.

After joining this offer, you just need to go to business and tell them that you have one of the best email marketing services that can help them grow their business.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $700
  • Commission Per Lead- $35

10. Rocket.net

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Rocket.net is a fast and secure WordPress hosting service provider with trusted customers worldwide.

It provides people with the fastest hosting service and that's why people who are on a budget and looking for fast WP hosting just come to this platform.

In the list of best merchants on ShareASale, I have to include this merchant from Rocket.net who has a high paying affiliate program.

You can join your offer and you can easily promote people to generate more commissions on your affiliate dashboard.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $150
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

11. Bench Accounting

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As its name suggests, Bench is also an accounting and bookkeeping software.

It is also a good software that has very good traffic to its website and is also very reliable.

Let me tell you that Bench's previous affiliate program was only available on Partnerstack (affiliate network), but they recently included their offer on ShareASale network as well.

The commission for this Bench Accounting offer is the same in both networks at $200 per paid referral or lead.

So I am sure this offer is good enough for you to earn fast money in affiliate marketing.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $0
  • Commission Per Lead- $200

12. Weebly

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Weebly is the famous and most popular website builder, I'm sure you might have heard about it.

As you know, there are many people who are not expert in WordPress or are building a website with hosting and WordPress, so these people prefer to choose web builders to build their website.

Website builders are also used to create high converting landing pages for affiliate products or services.

So I must recommend you to join Weebly program which is really very high converting.

After getting your affiliate links, you need to promote people and try to convince them and realize that they can easily create their own website with this Weebly website builder.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 30%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

13. ZarMoney

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ZarMoney is a provider of accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing and payment services for small and medium businesses.

I don't do that, so I have to tell you about accounting software, as I have already discussed many times in this article.

So, like other accounting software, it also has its own affiliate marketing program that pays really well.

It gives you sales commission and lead commission, making it very easy to generate commissions for all affiliates on your dashboard.

But what you should focus more on is that ZarMoney only wants US leads, so you should only advertise in US.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $120
  • Commission Per Lead- $1

14. MonsterInsights

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MonsterInsights is different from all the services mentioned here.

It is a very popular and useful WordPress plugin used to get website analytics, it tells you about page views, sessions, average session length, bounce rate, traffic by country and more.

Therefore, this plugin is very useful for all WordPress users to analyze their website.

It provides real time data to people and also helps to boost WP website SEO.

You can also earn money with this plugin by simply joining their affiliate offer and promoting it to WordPress site owners.

I must say that he is one of the best traders of ShareASale.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 20%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

15. Themeisle

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Themeisle is one of the largest marketplaces for providing people with WordPress themes for their websites.

Who wants a good and attractive theme for their website, just come to this Themeisle where there are many and different theme categories like portfolio, blog, e-commerce, health, news and more.

So I must say that you can easily earn by promoting this affiliate program because it has a wide audience.

That means that once approved, you just need to promote this platform to all website owners who want to make their website more attractive.

If you have your own blog, this is the best way to promote Themeisle themes. You can also promote this on Quora by marketing on Quora.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 55%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

16. Shift4Shop

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Shift4Shop is one of the top sellers on ShareASale that also has a high payout commission.

It is an e-commerce website builder that helps you create or build your own e-commerce website by simply selecting a template and dragging and dropping.

One can easily set up and manage their e-commerce business with this platform.

So it would be very easy for us to promote this platform and earn money because everyone wants to start an e-commerce business today.

It was previously also known as 3dcart, but its name has not been changed to Shift4Shop and finally it is one of the biggest alternatives to platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.

You must login to ShareASale and then apply for this offer to become your affiliate member and once approved, start promoting better.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $100
  • Commission Per Lead- $5

17. OptinMonster

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I must say that OptinMonster is one of those useful tools that every blogger, affiliate marketer, business owner or website owner should use.

It is basically a WP plugin or lead generation tool that will help you create floating popups, popups, scroll boxes, lightbox popups, etc.

Just need to use these popups on their website to get leads/emails from visitors to that website.

In this way, the website owner can build an email list and eventually can use that email.

But, if you want to earn from it, you need to become their partner and promote it to the right audiences to get maximum quality sales.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 20%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

18. Web Hosting Pad

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Web Hosting Vault is a complete web hosting provider along with a website builder.

This hosting service provides people with many types of hosting like VPS, Shared, WordPress and along with that you can also create a website with the help of their website builder tool.

So the simple thing you should do as soon as possible is to become an affiliate member if you think you can promote it and you can earn a good commission.

For that you can just login to ShareASale admin panel and search for this seller by his full name and you will get it.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $70
  • Commission Per Lead- $0


Join Now

AIO SEO refers to All in one SEO which is a WordPress SEO plugin.

All you need to do to rank any website in the search engine is to use the SEO plugin in your WP dashboard.

An SEO plugin helps to perform on-page and off-page SEO of a website and these plugins are very, very useful.

I should also say that the use of an SEO application is mandatory to help with ranking.

Therefore, it is also a good opportunity for you to join their affiliate program and earn money from it by promoting to the audience that cannot do SEO on their site.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 20%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

20. WP Forms

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I am sure you might have heard about this most powerful and used WP plugin which is WP Forms.

It is basically a form builder application, it helps the WordPress website owner to create many types of forms like contact form, subscription form, newsletter form and more.

Every website should have a contact form, so this type of plugin is a must for website owners, so it's very easy for us to earn money by promoting it.

Let me tell you that even I am using WP Forms on this site (bluepreneurs.com) to create web form like forms.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 20%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

21. Ginger Software

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Ginger is also a grammar checker and writing assistant, and as an extension, it's the best alternative to Grammarly.

It also helps people to write without grammatical mistakes and also helps to write more fluently.

So along with Grammarly offer you can also join Ginger software affiliate program and you can double our affiliate marketing income in affiliate dashboard.

The basic commission of this program is the same as Grammarly, but there is a big difference in the sales commission.

But ultimately, this offer is one of the easiest to promote.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 50%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0.20

22. Survey Junkie

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Survey Junkie is a survey site for people to take surveys and earn money online.

It is one of the best CPA offers on ShareASale and has a total of 3 offers.

Those 3 offers pay different commissions based on different lead terms.

So you just need to join 3 Survey Junie offers and select your affiliate links to promote.

Let me tell you that promoting a survey offer is very easy because everyone wants to make money doing online surveys.

Therefore, thanks to it, it becomes easier for you.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $0
  • Commission Per Lead- $1.25-$15

23. WP Rocket

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WP Rocket is also a WordPress plugin, but it is a caching plugin.

A cache plugin helps a WordPress website load quickly and also helps increase Google page speed.

There are many WP Cache plugins, but among them all, WP Rocket is the best.

You can even earn money with this caching plugin just by promoting your affiliate program to people who are looking for the best caching plugin that can boost their website performance.

WP Rocket has a very good brand equity, so again it's very easy for you to promote it.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 20%
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

24. Konscious Keto

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Conscious Keto where you will find low carb keto recipes.

As everyone knows, the health industry is a gold mine because there are so many people who want to get healthy.

There are many good low carb keto recipes here that are sure to help people in good health.

Since this Konscious Keto offer is a health affiliate program, it is also very easy for us to generate sales and leads.

To make good money from it, you just need to target people who want good health.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- 5%
  • Commission Per Lead- $10

25. SellZone

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SellZone is a marketing tool for Amazon seller businesses.

As you all know that the e-commerce industry is growing very fast.

There are many small, medium and large companies that have switched to Amazon to become Amazon Sellers.

To become a good seller on Amazon and generate more revenue through orders, you need some marketing tools to help you do competitive research, product research, and more.

So SellZone is a marketing tool for just that, from SEMrush.

Just like SEMrush, it also has its own affiliate which is certainly on ShareASale and is also a good ShareASale seller.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $50
  • Commission Per Lead- $0.01

26. Scala Hosting

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Scala Hosting is also a leading web hosting provider that provides people with VPS, WordPress, Shared Hosting and more.

As everyone knows, promoting a hosting affiliate program is very easy because it has a wide audience.

Anyone who wants to start a startup or create a website needs a good hosting, so in this case you can easily join the Scala Hosting affiliate program and promote it.

Program Details

  • Commission Per Sale- $150
  • Commission Per Lead- $0

How to find the Best Merchants on ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks with over 16,000 merchants.

Therefore, it would be very difficult for us to find the best traders among them.

So let me help you find the best merchants or affiliate programs in this network.

For this, you just need to go to the “search for merchants” page, which is located in the merchant section.

There, at the top, you will be able to see some options or you can call them filters.

There will be an option known as Power Rank, just click on that option.

When you click that option, now the list you will see is just a list of the best merchants available in this ShareASale affiliate marketing network.

Generally good and reputable traders are those traders who have an authority rating around 1000.

How to apply for any Merchant

To promote any affiliate, all you need to do is apply for that offer and get approved.

I know there are some affiliate programs that have you approved instantly, but most of the merchants on ShareASale will review your application.

For example, if you want to apply for FreshBooks affiliate offers, you simply go to the merchant search section and simply search for the name FreshBooks.

There you will see an option to “join the program”, just click on that blue button.

Now a box will appear in your window where you have to check the box first and along with that you have to provide that seller with your advertising strategies, marketing methods, website etc.

In addition, you need to convince that merchant to approve.

This writing section is optional but recommended as it will speed up your approval.

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Best Merchants on ShareASale’

1. How much does ShareASale cost for affiliates?

Let me tell you that u003cstrongu003eShareASale is 100% free for affiliates u003c/strongu003e who want to join and promote the seller's affiliate offers within it. u003cbru003eu003cbru003e You collect money only from the merchant who lists his offer on the network.

2. Power Rank ShareASale?

u003cstrongu003ePower Ranku003c/strongu003e is basically a rating given to each trader in the ShareASale network.

3. ShareASale payment methods?

If you have also earned money from this network and now it's time to withdraw those earnings, let me tell you about u003cstrongu003e ShareASale payment methods. Payoneeru003cbru003e2. Direct deposit003cbru003e3. Physical examination

Last Statement

Now is the right time to wrap up this more detailed article about some of the best ShareASale merchants that I have shared with you based on my experience on this network.

So, the simple thing that you need to do on your part is to select some of the best offers from this list that you think you can easily promote.

After choosing, you need to make your advertising strategy so that you can promote those affiliate programs and make money online with them.

So that's all I can share with you on this topic, I hope you enjoy reading it.

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