Amazon Audible Affiliate Program (Explained Everything)

If someone wants to start with affiliate marketing, most people prefer to start with Amazon affiliate marketing.

The simple reason is that it is very easy to start and understand and also very beginner friendly.

Along with this there is another offer which is also very easy to advertise and earn.

It is certainly the Amazon Audible affiliate program.

This offer is a part of Amazon Associates and hence with its help you can earn very good money online as well.

So if you also want to know and want to make money with Amazon Audible Affiliate then this is the best guide for you.

Therefore, all you have to do is follow this article.

Why Read this Article?

  • Know about Amazon Audible
  • Guide to make money with Amazon Audible program
  • How to promote and earn

What is Amazon Audible?

Amazon Audible is a platform or service that simply provides you with audiobooks, meaning books in audio format.

Everyone knows that everyone is interested in reading books, so along with these people are also very interested in listening to books, so here comes this audibility.

One can easily listen to any of their favorite books and enjoy on this platform.

Therefore, this industry is a very broad promotion that needs to be promoted.

So if you want to earn money from their affiliate program then you just need to join and become their affiliate member.

Then select the audiobook affiliate links and start promoting to generate commission.



How to join Amazon Audible Affiliate

To join Audible affiliate program you need to follow the steps mentioned.

I have explained all the steps in detail to make it easy for you to access your affiliate control panel.

Note: To receive audible affiliate links, you must first become an Amazon Associate for your country.

Step:1 Join Amazon Associates

Amazon partners have given you instant approval, which means it's an instant approval affiliate program or marketplace.

You will get instant access to your affiliate dashboard, then you can easily get affiliate links, you can track sales and clicks.

But you must bring at least 3 sales in 180 days in your Amazon affiliate dashboard for your affiliate account to continue working.

If you fail to do this, your Amazon affiliate account will be disabled, so you will need to create another one.

Well, in the process of joining this biggest marketplace, all you have to do is become their affiliate and believe me, it's very easy.

In the application form, you just need to give them your website URL (where you are going to advertise), your name, address, email mail, phone number, state, country, traffic types, PAN card number etc.

So once you are done giving them this information, you should go further then just become their affiliate member.

Once you've joined Amazon Partners, you'll be able to see SiteStripe at the top of the navigation menu.

This sitetripe will help you get audible affiliate links as well as other products.

Now, to access your affiliate dashboard, you just need to click on the website banner text and you will be taken to your dashboard.

Step:2 Go to Amazon Bounty Program

To learn more or get the default affiliate link for the Amazon Audible Affiliate Program, you should read on.

So, when you are in the affiliate dashboard, you need to go to the Amazon Bounty Program section, which is under the Product Linking option.


Once here, there are several Bounty programs you can join to earn more money.

To get the Audible app, you need to scroll down and then you will easily get to the relevant section.

There you will get complete knowledge about Audible and its affiliate program.


The commission for this program may vary depending on your country.

When looking at the Indian version it tells me that I will get INR 150 for the voice test which is done by following my affiliate link.

It costs $5 to try Audible in the US.

There you will see your default affiliate link from the audible affiliate program, but don't forget to put your affiliate ID at the end of the link.

So, if you want to promote the audible market, you can simply copy the links and start promoting through your website.

Or if you want to promote a specific audiobook, continue reading this article.


How to Make Money with Amazon Audible Affiliate Program


After this affiliate program, your next step is simply to earn money with audible affiliates.

Now here in this article I will also tell you how you can make money from it.

Just for you, I have a detailed guide on some strategies you can use to earn more money with this program.

Step:1 Pick the Affiliate Link of an AudioBook

Now the first step you need to do is simply to select the audiobook affiliate links.

If you promote an audiobook affiliate link and someone clicks on that link, that user will be directed to the Amazon product page.

And if that user wants to listen to that book, they have to try or buy an Audible subscription.

Therefore, in this case, you will receive a commission.

Now to get the links, just log into your Amazon account and search for the book.

If you open any book, you will see many options like Kindle, Audible, Paperback etc.

All you have to do is select Audible, then just look at the top and click the Text option (in the website layer).

So it's up to you whether to copy the short link or the full link.

After copying the link, you are done promoting this link on your site.

Note: Before promoting through a website, make sure you enter the website's URL in the website section of your Associate account.

Step:2 Promote on your Website (Writing an article)

Once you have your affiliate links in hand, all you have to do is start promoting them to earn money.

The best way to promote any affiliate program is through a website. Therefore, you should promote your website links.

But if you don't have your website then I highly recommend you to create a website because a website is a must in affiliate marketing or any other online business.

Now there are many ways to promote your website links.

The best way is to write an SEO optimized article about Amazon Audible marketplace so that it can rank in Google and get traffic.

That traffic will then be converted into affiliate sales.

In order to write an SEO-optimized article, you just need to do on-page SEO.

Step:3 Making a YouTube video

Another great way to promote your audience is to make YouTube videos.

As everyone knows, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet.

To promote this affiliate program on YouTube, you need to make videos on audiobooks or something similar.

So this way you will be able to get video traffic as well as offer leads or sales through videos.

Step:3 Making a YouTube video

Now let me tell you that Quora is one of my favorite platforms where you can easily promote your website or any kind of affiliate program.

You must do Quora Marketing to promote Amazon Audible's affiliate program.

You only have to answer the questions that arise in your niche and along with that you can even post on Quora spaces to get more views and traffic to your answers.

Like here, in this case, you must answer questions that fall into or relate to the audiobook category.

By doing this, you will get a lot of traffic to your website or the page you are promoting on Quora.

To know how to market on Quora and get huge views, you must watch this detailed video.

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What not to do in the Audible Program


Let me also tell you that there are a few things you need to know before entering the Audile affiliate program.

There are certain policies or rules that you must follow to protect your affiliate account.

If you break any of the rules, your account will be suspended.

So let me share with you some of the politics.

1. Don’t use Amazon Trademarks

You must not use the Amazon trademarks (logo) when promoting audiobooks or Audible Marketplace on your website.

Your entire site must not contain the Amazon logo or branding. if it appears, Amazon will track it and suspend your account.

Therefore, you should be careful when using images or logos on your website.

2. Don’t offer cashback or incentive

If you advertise through your website or your landing page, you must not offer any kind of incentive or discount offer.

It is against Amazon's affiliate policy to tell visitors that you will receive cash back for any product or audiobook purchase.

Therefore, such offers should be avoided.

3. Don’t shorten Affiliate links

Now this policy is very popular and I hope you know about it.

When you receive an affiliate link for a book or product, you must not shorten the link using any website or link shortening tool.

Amazon doesn't like this activity, and if you do, it will also suspend your affiliate account.

4. Don’t do Direct linking

This policy is also very popular and not only Amazon but there are other brands that have this policy.

In this case, you may not directly share affiliate links to any products.

You need to create a barrier to how you can use your website or landing page.

You need to put the affiliate links on your website or landing page and then you need to promote your website or landing page.

So in this case the website or landing page is the bottleneck and people follow the affiliate links on your website.

5. Don’t use on your own

If you plan to use affiliate links for your own purchase, this is the biggest mistake as it will result in losing your affiliate account.

It is also the policy of the affiliate or affiliate program that you may not use your own affiliate links for your own purchases.

So be aware.

6. Don’t mention Product’s Price

Well, if you are advertising on your website or landing page, then you should focus on that too.

When promoting any book or product, just make sure you don't mention the price of any product.

Since the price may increase or decrease in the future, you should not mention it.

7. Don’t share links directly on social media

You may use various social networks that may have a large following, but you should not share affiliate links directly on any social media platform.

What you can do is first place an affiliate link for that product on your website (by writing an article/creating a landing page) and then share the link on your website.

So, this way you can easily take advantage of your social media followers by promoting them with audiobooks.

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Amazon Audible Affiliate Program’

1. How much does Amazon pay for Audible Affiliates

Amazon Audible pays a $5 commission per trial to its affiliates who promote its affiliate program.

But if you join through Amazon's Indian website (, you will get just INR 150 per test.

2. Can I make money with Audible?

Yes, instead of just listening to audiobooks, you can even earn money from them.

You just need to join their affiliate program and then promote the market or audiobooks to people and make a commission.

3. How to join affiliates of audible?

To join Audible affiliates, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Join Amazon Associates
2. Go to the Bounty Program section to get your default affiliate link.
3. You can create affiliate links for any audiobook on Amazon's website.

4. What are the audible affiliate payment methods?

Audible affiliate commission will just come to your Amazon affiliate dashboard.

Thus, you will receive the payment with the same payment method and threshold as specified there.

At Amazon Associates, the payment threshold is $10 and the payment method is direct bank transfer.

NOTE: In India (, the payment limit is INR 1000 and the payment method is the same – direct bank transfer.

5. What are the cookies of the audible partner program?

Amazon Voice and related app cookies are the same as for 24 hours.

This means that if someone follows your affiliate link and if they don't buy at that moment, but buy within 24 hours, then in this case you will get a commission from the product purchased.

But if someone adds that item to their cart (after following your link), then if they buy it within 90 days, you'll get a commission on the item purchased.

NOTE: You will only receive a commission if the user has not followed any other (Amazon) affiliate links after following yours.

If they follow another affiliate link, they will earn a commission, not you.

I hope this is clear to you.

Final Words: Conclusion

Now I would like to conclude this article with a conclusion about it.

This is one of the most detailed articles that I have shared on my website and I am pretty sure that it has solved all your queries about Amazon Audible Affiliate Program.

Now, if you are interested in joining this program, you have to join as an affiliate first and then from there you can easily access many rewards programs.

Let me quickly state that what we discussed in this last article.

  • How to Join Audible Affiliates
  • How to make money with Audible
  • Strict Amazon Associate Policy

If you follow all the steps or strategies that I have shared here, I am sure that you too will be able to earn good money in affiliate marketing with the help of audible affiliate program.

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