28+ Best Instant Approval Affiliate Programs

There are some programs that review your application to join and there are also some affiliate programs that do not review your application and approve you instantly.

So if you are a beginner, I'm sure you might find it difficult to get approved by some networks or affiliate programs.

do not worry,

Here in this article I am going to tell you about 28+ instant confirmation affiliate programs that you can easily join and promote to earn money online.

So, to know about the best auto deals or networks, all you need to do is just follow this amazing content and I am sure you will learn a lot.

Along with affiliate programs, I will try to share with you some affiliate marketing strategies that I have experienced and you can also benefit from these strategies or tips.

Why you should read this post?

  • Will get 28+ affiliate offers with Instant approval
  • Beginners guide to start affiliate marketing
  • Will also get proven affiliate marketing strategies

What are Instant Approval offers?

Before we discuss those programs, let's first understand what instant approval offers mean.

Now, if you have applied for some affiliate offers, your application may be reviewed, and these types of offers are not instant approval, they will review your application.

But it's also possible that you've applied for some program that gives you instant access to their affiliate dashboard, meaning you're instantly approved.

Therefore, these types of offers are either instant approval or self-confirmation offers.

Now it's time to discover the 28+ best affiliate programs with you so that you too can take advantage of them and build your own career in the affiliate marketing business.

Now it's time to discover the 28+ best affiliate programs with you so that you too can take advantage of them and build your own career in the affiliate marketing business.

List of 28+ Instant Approval Affiliate Programs:


  • The programs mentioned below are arranged randomly
  • The program details may be changed by the brands in future

1. Commission Junction

Join Now

Commision Junction is one of the beginner-friendly affiliate markets with a very large network of multiple brands or advertisers and affiliates.

Joining the commission is very easy and it takes a lot of work to create and activate the affiliate account.

Because there are some steps you need to complete successfully to activate the account.

Once you have activated it, you are ready to earn money with cross promotion and now you just need to find some of the best and best affiliate offers so you can join them.

Now after joining you need to promote the affiliate links of those advertisers. You can promote those links on your websites to increase your website income.

CJ panel is very simple and easy to navigate and hence considered as the best network for all beginners who are new to this industry. because they can easily earn money.

Watch the video about the commission loop

Network Info

  • Payment mode- Direct Bank transfer or others
  • Payment Frequency- 30 days
  • Threshold- $50

2. ClickBank

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ClickBank is also one of the largest and most popular affiliate marketplaces with many products you can promote to earn commission.

Products listed on ClickBank offer very high commissions up to 70%, 80% and there are also some products that offer you up to 100% commission. It's really cool.

You don't need to get any approval to promote any ClickBank product, all you need to do is select the affiliate link for that product and then start promoting it.

The more you advertise, the more you will earn from this best marketplace.

This network is recommended by almost all major affiliate marketers because it gets you verified instantly, so a beginner doesn't need a website to get verified.

With ClickBank, you really start your own online career by following a few simple steps to success.

Watch the video on ClickBank

Network Info

  • Payment mode- Direct Bank transfer & others
  • Payment Frequency- 7 or 15 days
  • Threshold- $10

3. Digistore24


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Digistore24 is the greatest alternative to ClickBank. Well, there are many similarities in both affiliate networks.

Digistore24 also has many products for affiliates to promote.

It only takes a few minutes to join this amazing network.

So, all you have to do is just select the affiliate links for those products and then start creating content to promote those products.

If you don't want to promote by creating content, then the only thing you can do is paid advertising, because this method can also give much better results.

But ultimately it is up to you whether you want to use paid methods or free methods to trade the products listed on this network.

You will get up to 85% commission in this network and I think this is a high paying affiliate network.

If you are constantly working on this platform, then I am sure that you can really earn money with the help of this biggest market place online.

Watch the video on Digistor

Network Info

  • Payment mode- Direct Bank transfer or others
  • Payment Frequency- 7-15 days
  • Threshold- €50

4. WarriorPlus

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WarriorPlus is also an affiliate marketing network with a very good network of suppliers and affiliates.

And affiliates like us choose the affiliate links of those products and promote them to earn lots of commissions.

To promote a specific product, all you need to do is apply or request that a seller list that product.

The commission you will get for each product is very high, you can earn up to 80%-90% for each product sale and so this is the best part that I like about this platform.

Undoubtedly, joining this platform is very easy as it is free to register and after that you can start working on this platform to earn big money.

Watch a video about Warrior Plus

Network Info

  • Payment mode- PayPal or others
  • Payment Frequency- Instantly
  • Threshold- $15

5. Rakuten

Join Now

Rakuten is an affiliate network and a great alternative to commission matching.

It also has a good network of advertisers and affiliates. Advertisers have listed their offers on this platform and affiliates have joined to promote and then earn from this network.

Understanding and working on Rakuten is as simple as a, b, c, d. You need to login first and you will get instant access to your dashboard where you can check your daily earnings analysis.

To be successful in this platform, you first need to understand it better, then find the offers that are easy for you to promote and have a high commission.

By doing this, you can win more easily and you can also become a Rakuten master. This is also an affiliate network for all beginners and advanced.

Network Info

  • Payment mode- Direct Bank transfer or others
  • Payment Frequency- 60 days
  • Threshold- $50

6. Bluehost.com

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Bluehost is another best affiliate program for which you don't need any kind of approval.

It is one of the leading web hosting platforms hosting more than 2 million websites.

All you need to do to promote Bluehost web hosting is to join, then after joining for free, you need to promote this platform.

As everyone knows, promoting a web hosting affiliate offer is very easy because it has a wide audience, which means you can just target the audiences who want to buy hosting.

The Bluehost brand is also very popular in the online industry and so you don't need to explain this service to people, so it's easy for you to earn from it.

You pay enough commission to your affiliates, but the commission is a one-time fixed commission per sale.

Let me also inform you that this offer is from Bluehost.com and not from Bluehost.in. To join the Bluehost.in affiliate program, you must first join the Impact Radius affiliate network.


  • Per Sale- $65
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Threshold- $100
  • Cookies- 90 days

7. GetResponse

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GetResponse is another best instant confirmation affiliate program and also one of the highest paying affiliate offers.

I am sure you may be aware of GetResponse but let me tell you something about it for those who are not aware of this site.

It is one of the best email marketing service providers on the internet. With the help of this tool one can easily send mass emails to their email list and can grow their business or website.

It is mainly used by people who have their own email list of subscribers or small and medium businesses.

Along with this, they also have an amazing affiliate program which is one of my favorites because it gives a very high payout per sale.

Along with this, this affiliate offer also gives you some of the best marketing materials like email templates, banners, text ads, etc., so you can use these materials to promote yourself.

It basically has two offers, one gives you a fixed commission of $100 (per sale) and the other gives you a recurring commission of 33%.


  • Per Sale- $100
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Threshold- $100
  • Cookies- 120 days

8. Rocket.net

Join Now

Rocket.net is another popular and high paying web hosting affiliate program that offers you instant access to their links, banners and more.

It is one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers and has a good customer review.

Along with other hosting offers, this offer is also very easy to understand and promote. There are many ways in which you can easily promote this exciting offer.

To earn from this program, you first need to become their affiliate member, which only takes 2 minutes, then you will get an easy and simple dashboard where you can easily track your clicks, commissions, etc.

The marketing materials provided by Rocket.net affiliates are very attractive and will help you engage the visitor's mind.

You can join this in your personal network, but if you work in ShareASale affiliate marketing network, let me tell you that you can also join this offer in ShareASale.

But, there you have to get approved for this program, so I don't think it's a better option.


  • Per Sale- $150
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Cookies- 60 days

9. Fiverr

Join Now

I have to say that Fiverr affiliate program is one of my favorite affiliate programs and unverified affiliate programs because it is very easy to join, understand and work with.

As everyone knows, Fiverr is one of the largest freelance marketplaces with a huge network of people who want to freelance and those who want to hire freelancers for their work.

So, if you want to be a freelancer, I recommend you to join Fiverr first because it is very easy to earn on Fiverr compared to other freelancing platforms.

But, let's break down the Fiverr affiliate program, which is amazing. Fiverr's commission structure depends on the service you sell.

As you know, there are many services or jobs available on Fiverr, such as data entry, content writing, social media management, graphic design, and more.

Therefore, you will earn a commission based on the service sold through your affiliate link.

There are many features inside the Fiverr dashboard that you can take advantage of and can increase your income.


  • Per Sale- $15-$150
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Threshold- $100
  • Cookies- 30 days

10. Amazon Associates

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Amazon is the largest affiliate program for beginners and professional affiliates.

You may have heard about the big affiliate marketers or read some Google blogs about the best affiliate programs in the world.

There you have seen Amazon Associates in the first results, this is because they have millions of products to promote.

It is the most trusted affiliate program and therefore this platform is easily trusted by all people.

It is also one of the instant approval affiliate programs, so all you have to do is just sign up for this program and then select links to promote.

To activate your Amazon affiliate account, you need to generate at least 3 sales in the last 180 days, and I don't think that's much more than that for you.

This platform mostly has physical products and hence you can target a wide audience and this is the reason


  • Per Sale- 0.2%-10%
  • Per Lead- 0
  • Network available- Amazon Associates
  • Threshold- $10
  • Cookies- 24 hours

11. Amazon Audible

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From the name of this particular program, you can understand that this offer is something related to Amazon, yes, you are right.

Amazon Audible is a platform where you can get the audio version of the e-books available on that platform.

As you know people like to listen books in audio form so this is the best and growing platform.

It has a unique affiliate program available in the Amazon Associates dashboard. So you don't need to join separately to get affiliate links for this offer.

You just need to login to your Amazon Associates Dashboard and there you will find the Amazon Bounty Programs option (under the navigation bar).

This offer is very easy to promote because it has a very wide audience. I mean, you can target anyone who is interested in ebooks or listens to ebooks in audio form.

You pay your affiliates for every test done through your affiliate links, and that may be one of the reasons why it is a good instant confirmation affiliate offer.

So you can choose to promote those affiliate links and the commission will come in the same Amazon associate dashboard.

Watch a video on Amazon Audible


  • Per Sale- $0
  • Per Trial- $5
  • Network available- Amazon Associates
  • Threshold- $10
  • Cookies- 24 hours

12. Groove

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Actually, it was originally Groovefunnels, but now it's just Groove.

Groove is one of the best platforms for all digital marketers where they can easily create email campaign, e-commerce sites, funnels, landing pages, website, blog, card and more.

So, with the help of this powerful all-in-one tool, it becomes easy for one to manage their online business.

It also comes with an amazing affiliate program which gives you recurring commission and thus you can earn lifetime with this offer.

To become their affiliate, you can either join directly (follow the button above) or you can create a free Groove account and access their affiliate dashboard.

The best part that I like about this offer is that it provides you with multiple and attractive forms of marketing materials like blog articles, video reviews, banners and links, etc.

So promoting this program becomes easy because it is really useful tool and even I use this tool for my online works.


  • Per Sale- 40% (Recurring)
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Threshold- $50
  • Network available- Individual
  • cookies- Lifetime

13. Namecheap

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Namecheap is one of the oldest and leading web hosting service providers in the world.

All the beginners who are looking for the best and cheapest hosting can come here to buy their service.

Like other hosting affiliates, they also have a great affiliate program that gives you instant approval to promote and earn.

This particular affiliate offer is available from all 3 major affiliate networks and they are ShareASale, Commission Junction and Impact Radius.

But, if you want instant approval, you should go to ShareASale and Commission Junction as Impact will review your application.

Along with the web hosting commission, you will also get a commission from selling the domain and knowing that there are many people looking for the domain name.

Therefore, this suggestion can be of great help in increasing your online earnings.


  • Per Sale- 20%-35%
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- ShareASale/Commission Junction
  • Threshold- $50
  • Cookies- 30 days

14. Tubebuddy

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I am sure everyone knows about this Tubebuddy platform.

It's basically a Chrome extension that helps you do SEO for your YouTube videos. With this extension, you can also get ideas for our next videos, isn't it great?

It is mostly used by YouTubers because they want this kind of tool to help them grow their YouTube channel by increasing their video views.

Along with the free version, it also has a paid version, so all you have to do is just target YouTubers only and promote this tool to generate commission.

It is also one of the most popular and easy affiliate offers because its control panel is very easy to use and navigate.

All you need to do is become an affiliate member to earn money online in affiliate marketing business.


  • Per Sale- Up to 50% (Recurring)
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Threshold- $10
  • Cookies- 365 days

15. VidIQ

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VidIQ is the greatest alternative to Tubebuddy and also one of the best affiliate programs for instant approval. Both tools are the same.

It is also a very useful tool that helps you improve your video rankings by doing your SEO and also helps with content recommendation.

Just like Tubebuddy it also has its affiliate programs and the best part of this offer is that it has affiliate levels and based on that it will increase your commission percentage.

Therefore, it will be very interesting for you.

Promoting VidIq will not be difficult and in fact it is very easy because you know that VidIQ is a very popular tool and you can hear from many YouTubers that if you are a creator you should use VidIQ the

Therefore, your brand value is already established on the internet and this makes your job easier.


  • Per Sale- 15%-25%
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual

16. Survey Junkie

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Before I tell you about Survey Junkie's offer, let me tell you about this platform.

Survey Junkie is a survey site where lots of people take surveys and get paid for it.

As you know, there are various research sites and this is one of the most popular sites in its field.

It also has an affiliate program available on the ShareASale marketplace.

Basically you have 3 affiliate offers, but one of those 3 doesn't give you instant access to their links, but the other two do.

This is one of the 2 offers where they only give you a very high commission for the lead and not the sale because there is nothing to sell.

Therefore, it is also known as one of the best CPA offers and many CPA offers do not give you instant approval. So it's your chance to win it so don't try to miss this.


  • Per Sale- $0
  • Per Lead- $2
  • Network available- ShareASale
  • Threshold- $50

17. Survey Junkie 2

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As I said above, Survey Junkie has 3 offers and 2 of them deserve to be included in this valuable article.

So this is a second CPA or affiliate offer that also pays well per lead made through your affiliate links.

But the process of a valid lead is different from the previous one, and that's what makes the difference between the two.

The site is the same, the network in which it is available is the same, only the offer is different, because here you will get a different payment.

But after all, it is a CPA survey offer, so it will be very easy for you to promote it to generate more income.


  • Per Sale- $0
  • Per Lead- $15
  • Network available- ShareASale
  • Threshold- $100

18. GlowHost

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GlowHost is simply a web hosting and domain name provider. There are thousands of web hosting services out there, but this is one of the most popular.

The hosting or domain services provided by this platform are good and thus it becomes easier for you to do your marketing.

Let me tell you that this is one of the highest paying affiliate marketing programs that gives high payouts to its affiliates.

To join their affiliate program, you must first login to ShareASale and then search for this merchant, I mean the offer.

To promote this platform better, you can check out its main website and get an idea about the features and quality of this platform.

This is my personal strategy and I am sharing it with you so you can benefit from it too.


  • Per Sale- Up to $125
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- ShareASale
  • Threshold- $50
  • Cookies- 90 days

19. 48Hourslogo

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You can listen to and use Wix.com. It is also one of the best platforms to design a logo for your company or website.

But this platform is somewhat different from Wix. Like here, you just need to install your logo design project and design your logo.

You can call this site a Designcrowd alternative because there you also have to post a project and get the job done.

As you all know that many websites are created every day and all these websites need a custom logo for branding and so it is very easy for us to promote this logo design service.

Therefore, you will get a lot of sales because you have a very high conversion rate.

The commission on this offer depends on the sales you make, but don't worry, you'll get a good commission.


  • Per Sale- $20
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- ShareASale

20. CleanEmail

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This term may be new to you, but let me make it easy for you.

Clean Email is a kind of tool that helps you to clean and manage your email inbox by deleting some spam emails, email newsletters or others.

With this, you can easily keep your email inbox clean.

It is also one of the instant approval affiliate programs and has its own affiliate offer, which is very popular in the Impact Radius market.

Yes, this offer is available on the Impact network, so all you have to do is first join Impact and then get approved right away.

They will not review your application and approve you instantly so you can choose links to promote them.


  • Per Sale- 40%
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Impact Radius
  • Threshold- $10
  • Cookies- 30 days

21. Affiliate Booster

Join Now

Affiliate Booster is one of the best WordPress themes as well as a plugin mainly designed for affiliate marketing.

I am proud to say that I am using this theme on this website and you can see the design and layout of my website which is pretty cool right?

Along with the theme, I also use the Affiliate Booster plugin to increase my sales.

Promotion of WP theme or WP plugin is not difficult and therefore you can easily promote it on your website.

The affiliate program is not verified, so you don't have to put in much effort to join.

If I talk about the commission structure, let me tell you that being thematic affiliate gives you good income to earn good income.

One thing I must say the dashboard is amazing, everything is very easy to manage and navigate.

So if you have a website then I highly recommend using this theme because I highly recommend it.


  • Per Sale- 30%
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Cookies- Lifetime

22. SeoToolAdda

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You may be aware of some big, popular and expensive tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc.

SEOToolAdda is a bundled tools platform that gives you these tools at a very cheap price with some limited features.

It also has other tools like Canva, Keywordtool.io, Skillshare, Moz, Quetext and more.

So, it becomes easier for beginners to use these valuable tools at low cost so that they can do their job properly and grow them.

You don't need to join any affiliate network to join their affiliate offer.

So all you have to do is just register for free on this website and there you will be able to see the affiliate section where you can choose your links.

There was a time when I used this platform regularly and my experience with it was great.

Therefore, it is a popular platform for promotion to commission.


  • Per Sale- 20%-40%
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual

23. MilesWeb

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MilesWeb is a platform that offers you a cheap web hosting service so that you can start your online career cheaply.

It is one of the oldest and good service providers, so one can easily trust it after seeing its services and works.

The affiliate program of this program gives you up to $265 per sale and that's awesome.

So if you are going to choose this offer and promote it then I am sure you can earn fast as it is also very high converting.

All you need to do is join, choose your links and promote products like shared hosting, cPanel hosting, WordPress hosting and more.


  • Per Sale- $3-$265
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Threshold- $30
  • Cookies- 365 days

24. DomainRacer

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I must say that DomainRacer is a hosting platform that offers a much better service compared to other cheap hosting services.

You can call DomainRacer as an alternative to MilesWeb or other cheap hosting because it provides all the services that a beginner needs to start their website.

Although it is one of the cheapest affiliate offers, their affiliate offer pays well, giving you up to 70% commission per sale.

Therefore, it is a very good opportunity for you to earn a lot of money in affiliate marketing.


  • Per Sale- 30%-70%
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Threshold- $50

25. Web Hosting Pad

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Like all other website builders or hosting providers, this web hosting platform is also famous and reliable which provides its best service.

It provides domain names, shared hosting reseller hosting, VPS hosting and more. and, along with that, it also provides website building service.

Their affiliate program is available on the ShareASale network, so you have to go there first and join this offer immediately, which means without any confirmation.

Your affiliate offer is also available individually, so it's up to you where you want to join this great program, on ShareASale or individually.


For sale – $70
Per lead – $0
Network available – ShareASale
Threshold: $50



26. Pabbly

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Pabbly is basically an email marketing service that allows you to automate your emails. letters or send e-mail

Along with this, it also provides people with many relevant services like email verification, form builder, etc.

This Pabble affiliate program is very good and it pays you regular commission, it just means that with this offer you can set your earnings for life.

So it will be very easy for you to join and earn from it.


  • Per Sale- 20%-30%
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Payment method- PayPal

27. Salesblink

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Salesblink is somewhat of a fit for Pabbly because it's also an email marketing tool that helps users send or automate cold emails.

It also helps people increase the conversion rate of their email marketing campaign, making it a useful tool.

They also have a good and popular affiliate offer, with their offer you can earn up to $1000 per sale and I think that is a very high fee.

Along with this high commission you will also earn recurring commission to earn for life.


  • Per Sale- 20% Recurring, up to $1000
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual
  • Payment method- PayPal/Wire Transfer

28. Referral Candy

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Referral Candy is one of the best marketing tools that helps a person to increase the sales of their business or anything else.

One case easily integrates this tool with other tools like Woo-commerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce and you can use them together.

Their affiliate program is also instant confirmation and the best thing about this offer is that it only takes 10 seconds to get your affiliate link.

All you need to do is provide them with your email address.


  • Per Sale- $20
  • Per Lead- $0
  • Network available- Individual

29. BookLender

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Booklender is a unique and useful service.

In Booklender you can choose your books to read and they will send those books to your address and then you can keep those books with you for as long as you want.

Then, if you want to go back, you can return those books to the lender. It's as simple as this.

So to earn from this useful service you need to become their affiliate and then promote it to get commission.

It's available on the ShareASale network, so you'll need to login to your ShareASale dashboard first.


For sale – 5%
For one lead – 15 dollars
Network available – ShareASale
Threshold: $50

FAQs on Instant Approval Affiliate Programs



1. What are the Best CPA offers to promote?

There are thousands of CPA offers or paying top affiliate programs that give you a very good commission.

So, if you want to know about some of the best CPA offers, read on.

1. Share skills
3. New books
4. Constant communication
5. Send blue

2. Best Affiliate program without approval?

Well, this article is based on this topic. So if you are looking for the best deal without approval, let me share with you.

1. Rocket.net
2. Get a response
3. HostBlue
4. Fiverr
5. Amazon Associates

3. What is the highest paying affiliate program?

As you all know there are many affiliate offers out there and some of them pay you very high commission so let me share some of them with you.

2. Rocket.net
3. Get a response
4. Host Blue
5. accommodation A2

4. How affiliate marketers get paid?

I will answer your question in a simple way.

There are brands that have their own affiliate programs and affiliate marketers simply promote the products or services of those brands and thus get paid for every sale made through them.

I hope you understand now.

5. Do you need a website to become an affiliate?

So if you are asking me this question then I have to say that you may not need a website to become an affiliate but you need a website to earn from affiliate marketing.

Because affiliate marketing is a way to monetize your content and with this you can easily monetize your website content and earn from it.


So here I would like to conclude this amazingly detailed article on the best affiliate programs that get you instant approval.

Here I have shared with you 28+ instant confirmation affiliate programs and all these offers are legit and profitable.

So all you have to do is start your own affiliate marketing business by joining and promoting

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