What Is A Clairvoyant Reading and How Does It Work?

Life is full of questions and a desire to have those questions answered. Sometimes the question and answer are clear-cut. Most of the time, it is not. Is he cheating? Does she love me? What is the next step in my career path? Did my loved ones have closure when they died?

A clairvoyant reading taps into a number of senses in order to address questions in the past, present, and future. What exactly is a clairvoyant? Should you seek a clairvoyant reading? Are clairvoyants and psychics the same thing? How does a clairvoyant reading work? Well, let’s dive into those questions and provide some answers. Ready?

What Is a Clairvoyant Reading?

To use a general definition, clairvoyance is a combination of innate intuition and heightened psychic ability. It is something a person is born with and continues to develop through spiritual and psychic practice and learning throughout their life.

From a linguistic perspective, the word “clairvoyance” can be broken into two parts. “Clair” means “clear” while “voyance” means “vision.” So, clear vision, just with a psychically-enhanced ability.

Understanding the 4 Psychic Clairs

To additionally clarify the Clair-faculties, here is an inside and out outline of four mystic claims. These are four of the fundamental claims, however, this is anything but a thorough rundown nor a comprehensive meaning of each.


Clairaudients are those with clear hearing. They can hear vague mumblings or in any event, when the voice isn’t utilized. This goes past customary existence restrictions. Regarding mystic capacities, this incorporates associating with and hearing expired spirits and soul guides.


Perceptiveness, as talked about prior, implies clear vision. This goes further than simply having an incredible vision in the strict sense! It incorporates internal vision, the inner being, and expanded visual capacities. This may envelop pictures from the future, present, and past since the mystic discernment is unaffected by time. Similarly, as a smell waits, a picture can wait for those with visionary capacities.


Claircognizants are those with clear knowing. It depends vigorously on instinct and a “feeling,” which makes this one of the Clair-faculties individuals discover hard to trust. Consider claircognizants as the individuals who hear the telephone before it rings, realizes how a sentence will complete, and have incredible hunches. A claircognizant expects prior to something happens in light of the fact that they are discerning when things are going to occur.


Clairsentients spins around clear inclination. It includes feeling profoundly with individuals, spots, or circumstances. A clairsentient can take advantage of the energy and vibration of all that encompasses them right now.

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