FlexOffers Payment Methods (4 different Withdrawal ways)

Let me tell you that FlexOffers is one of the largest and most trusted networks with over 12,000 advertisers and over 75,000 publishers.

It is also one of my favorite networks and I work on this network to earn money from it.

So if you are thinking of starting your own affiliate marketing business, I must say that FlexOffers is the best way to start.

It has a very large network of many advertisers who list their affiliate programs on this network and along with that, there are also many affiliates here to promote and earn these offers.

So, if you're reading this page, I'm sure you have a verified FlexOffers account and want to know about FlexOffers payment methods so you can withdraw your earnings.

This is the most important part, but don't worry, if you are on this page, I can assure you that you will get all the answers about FlexOffers payment method.

Along with the payment method, I will also share the things you need to know to withdraw your earnings.

Here you will know about:

  • Beginners guide to understand FlexOffers
  • Payment Method of FlexOffers
  • Payment frequency of FlexOffers
  • FlexOffers commission system

Finding Payment Methods section:

To set up the FlexOffers online payment system, all you need to do is first log into your control panel.

Once you reach your dashboard, you should look at the top bar and there you will find the Account section, you just need to click on that option.

You will now come to a page where you need to complete the 4 steps to set up your billing and tax information and start receiving your FlexOffers payments.

After entering the account section, you need to complete step 1, which is very easy and will not take you more than 5 minutes to complete.

In the second step you will be able to see the payment methods option, now comes the step for which you are on this page.

There are now 4 different payment methods to withdraw earnings from this affiliate market.

So let's try to understand all these 4 modes in detail.

4 different FlexOffers Payment Methods:

1. eCheck/Local Bank Transfer

FlexOffers first payment method is eCheck/Local Bank Transfer, you can call it Direct Bank Transfer because here you need to provide your bank details to withdraw.

This is one of the most used, popular and simple methods as it doesn't have to be very technical here and it only takes a few minutes to provide all the information.

Here you just need to add your bank account details, no matter which country you are from, you just need to add all that information and just click on ‘Next' button.

Please make sure you have entered your details correctly as the air conditioner no. Swift code or something.

Once you've completed this, you'll receive your payout directly into your bank account once it's released by FlexOffers.

NOTE: Payment may take up to 7 business days to reach your bank account. Therefore, you should be patient.

Payment mode Details

  • Threshold- $25
  • Processing Fee- $1 per Payment

2. Wire Transfer

The second method of withdrawing your affiliate marketing earnings from this affiliate network is by bank transfer.

Let me tell you that bank transfer is one of the fastest ways to send money from one place to another, it means that the payment will be made directly from one bank to another quickly.

Funds are transferred electronically to your bank account.

Along with being the fastest way, it is also a very secure payment method and hence is also used by many affiliates.

So it's up to you if you want to choose this way of earning, you can even do it by simply selecting this option in the drop down section and then proceed by clicking next steps.

This method also requires you to provide basic information related to your bank account and don't worry, it's safe.

Payment mode Details

  • Threshold- $1,000
  • Processing Fee- $15-$26 per Payment

3. PayPal

PayPal is one of FlexOffers most popular and trusted payment methods.

Well, I have to say that PayPal is my favorite way to get paid in the entire world, and it's definitely the most secure way.

So if I tell you about my payment option, it's probably PayPal. Because it is very simple and quick to choose as a payment method.

As here, all you have to do is just provide your email associated with your PayPal account.

Once your commission is approved, FlexOffers will release it, and if you've selected PayPal as your method, you'll receive your payment in your PayPal account at some point.

And if the payment is in your PayPal, let me tell you that you will receive it in your bank account in just 24 hours.

Isn't it great?

Payment mode Details

  • Threshold- $25
  • Processing Fee- $1 per Payment

4. CheckThe fourth method is payment by check.

This method of receiving payments from FlexOffers is different from all the previous ones.

You must have your bank check with you. So, if you want your FlexOffers payment to be made by check, you can choose this way.

Here you just need to enter your address details correctly along with your bank account number to get the paper check mailed to your address.

Of course, this process will take time because the paper check will take time to reach your address.

There are actually many great affiliate marketers who choose this verification method on different networks like Clickbank.

Payment mode Details

  • Threshold- $25
  • Processing Fee- $3 per Payment

What is ‘Hold my Payments’

In the drop-down list of payment methods, you will see the option “Save my payments”. Now you might think that's a payment method.

No, it's not really a way to get your commissions out to your bank.

It simply means that if you want to stop your affiliate payment, all you need to do is select this option and click the Next button.

This will simply stop your payment and you can withdraw it wherever you want.

So it's all your choice.

Understanding FlexOffers commission system

As everyone knows, every affiliate marketing network has its own commission system, but FlexOffers commission system is different from all others.

So let's try to understand it in detail.

Pending Commission

So, after getting approved by Flexoffers, you should join some of the top and best affiliate programs so that they can bring you more affiliate marketing earnings.

After joining some affiliate programs, you need to promote them on your websites. I'm sure you're aware that you can only promote FlexOffers through the properties listed in your account.

After selling affiliate programs, your commission will arrive in your affiliate control panel, but in the Pending Commission section.


It takes time for the commission to update and update in your affiliate control panel. Usually it takes 1-2 days.

Approved Commission

Once a commission enters the Commission Waiting section, it takes a few days to be approved and moved to the Confirmed Commission section.

Many are now asking how long it will take for the commission to approve FlexOffers.

Now let me explain in detail.

After your commission appears in the pending section, it takes exactly 60 days to be approved and become part of an approved commission.

For example: If you earned $500 in April (April 1-30), your full commission will be paid after 60 days, which is June 30.

Once the commission is approved, it will be published in the 1st week of the following month (if applicable).

So this is FlexOffers entire network marketing commission system.


Once payment is issued, it may take a few days to reach your bank account, depending on the payment method you choose.

You can refer to my FlexOffers Affiliate Dashboard for a better understanding.


Here I have an amount of $228 which is currently pending but will be approved soon Insha Allah.

TAX Form (Mandatory to withdraw Payments)

I have to say that this is the most important part of getting your payment out of the FlexOffers network.

You must complete the tax form as it is mandatory in all branch networks.

But the FlexOffers tax form is a bit long but not difficult, in fact it is very easy and they only ask you for basic information which you can easily provide.

There are several steps you need to take to complete the tax form, so be careful when providing the details as you need to provide them correctly.

After filling all the information and submitting the TAX form, you will complete your income from this great network.

Later, if you want to make changes to the form or you want to submit a new TAX, you can do it even after deleting the current one.

This is how the FlexOffers TAX form is filled out.


FAQs on FlexOffers Payment Methods

1. How does FlexOffers work?

As you know, there are many affiliate networks like FlexOffers.

It has many advertisers listed and affiliates only promote the advertiser's affiliate programs to generate commission for affiliate marketing.

2. Is FlexOffers good?

Yes, without a doubt, it is one of the biggest affiliate networks and my favorite way to make money.

It is very reliable so you can earn money by promoting offers as well.

3. What is the FlexOffers Payment Frequency?

Basically, FlexOffers pays its affiliates within 60 net days.

That means your April earnings will be confirmed after 60 days and that's the end of June.

You will then receive your payment in the first week of the following month.

4. Top Affiliate Marketing Networks?

There are many top affiliate marketing networks from which you can earn good money online such as:

1. Flexible offers
2. The radius of influence
3. Share the sale
4. Commission transition
5. Click Bank
6. Digistor24
7. Amazon Associates
8. Warrior Plus
9. JVZoo
10. Rakuten

5. How to use FlexOffers?

It's very simple, to take advantage of FlexOffers, all you need to do is join some of the best affiliate programs that pay high and then you have to promote those offers so that you can earn commission.

So you can easily earn in affiliate marketing.

Final Words

So here I would conclude this valuable article because I think there is nothing left to talk about this topic.

Here I have explained FlexOffers payment methods in detail so that you don't need to search further on this topic.

Along with the payment methods, I have also shared with you the tax form and commission system that I think you should know about.

Now all you need to do is set up your payment option on this network to securely withdraw your affiliate marketing earnings directly to your bank account.

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