How to Join Commission Junction Affiliate (10 Steps)

There are many top affiliate marketing networks that you can join and you can promote the offers that are on them to become an affiliate marketing champion.

Now, if you are on this page, you can search for “How To Join Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing Network”.

Don't worry, in this article I will explain in detail every step you need to take to join the Commission Junction affiliate network.

After reading this, you will be able to create your own commission union (CJ) account and also be able to activate it by filling out the CJ tax form correctly.

Why you should Read this Article?

  • You will be able to join the CJ affiliate
  • You will be able to activate your CJ account
  • You will get a practical step by step guide
  • You will also get some Pro Strategies about CJ

What is Commission Junction (CJ)?

Commission Junction or CJ is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the affiliate marketing industry.

It's so great that it's trusted by the world's biggest brands, so you can easily trust it too.

There are many affiliates who have joined the affiliate programs of many brands or merchants who are in the CJ affiliate network and easily earn money just by promoting them.

How to Join Commission Junction in 10 steps

This is where our main step begins and now you just need to follow all the steps correctly so that you too can join the Commission Junction affiliate network without any hassle.

Step:1 Simply Sign up

So, the first step you need to take is just to register with CJ branch.

Here you just need to enter basic information like your email and country.

In the email section, you can write your business email as well as your Gmail, but it's better if you write your business email.

After filling all the details correctly, all you have to do is click on the email confirmation button.

Step:2 Accept Terms

Now, after just verifying your email address, it will take you directly to this age where you just have to agree to CJ's partnership terms.

So for that you have to click on the link given in each section, when you do that a popup will open and then you can just close it or read it.

Once you do that, an ‘accept' button will be enabled so you can now comply, click that button to accept their terms.

So, once you have finished agreeing to all the terms and conditions of CJ Affiliate, all you need to do is click the continue account button.

Step:3 Login

So if you follow the button above it will just take you to this page where you just need to login to your CJ account.


Commission Junction is giving you instant approval, hence your application will not go under review, you can instantly log in to your CJ affiliate dashboard.

All you need to do is enter your login credentials such as email and passwords and then simply login.

Step:4 Enter user Information

Once you've logged into your dashboard, now your main work starts here.

I think you can search How to join commission loop on Google to complete all these steps properly.


Till now your CJ account is only created and not activated. In order to activate your CJ account, you need to follow the given steps properly.

So, as you can see below, you just need to click the Add User Information button to go to the app to activate your account.

After following this button, you will simply go to a page similar to this one where you have to add your details like name, email. mail and telephone.


Make sure that here you enter that person name, on whose name you want to receive the payment.
Further, you need to enter the same name in the TAX form. So be aware.

So first of all you need to fill all these details correctly as this is your user details.

After filling in this information, you need to click on the Save button and then just go back by clicking on the download checklist.

Step:5 Complete Network Profile

Now, after returning to the input checklist, you need to click on this complete profile button.

Basically, your profile will be visible to the advertisers you request approval from.

As you can see below, in this section you just need to write a description, and this description should be about your website, your marketing strategies and plans, in short, you should tell advertisers why they should endorse you.


So be smart when writing this description. You must enter at least 250 characters to save it and proceed to the next step.

After you've entered and saved it, you'll need to go back to the entry checklist again.

Step:6 Promotional Property

The next step here is to add a promotion property, for that you just need to click the Add Property button.

So, after clicking on this button, you will be taken to a page where you need to add your ad property, which means you need to add that source through which you will contribute to affiliate programs.

It could be your website, social media page, etc.

But I would rather just create a website and add it as your primary ad property. The site will help you get approved for affiliate programs within CJ.

Now, to add an ad property, you must first complete the 3 steps.

  • Define your property

Here you must enter the link to that ad property. Therefore, you should post your own website link.

This means you are telling CJ that you are going to promote affiliate offers with that site

  • Define your advertising model
    This is where you need to define your advertising model, meaning whether it is a blog site, coupon deal site, review site, etc.

In my case it's a blog site, so I have a check in this box.

  • Name your property

Now here in the last step you have to write the name of the property. As you can see below, in my case I entered my website name because my website is my advertising property.

You don't have to just write your website, you can name your property as you wish.

Then after this you just need to click This is my primary ad property.


In future, you can add multiple promotional properties in the same way.

.After doing all these things, you just need to go back to the incorporation checklist to fill in the company details and tax form.

Step:7 Company details & TAX Form

Now, I think this is the main step in joining the Commission Junction affiliate network. Here you need to fill in the TAX form as well as the company details so that you can receive your payment earned on CJ.

company details

Now to fill the company details first you need to click on Submit Forms button.

Then you will just enter the page where you need to fill some information like organization name, address, city, zip code etc.


The Organization name must be the same as the name, which you have provided in the user information.


So first of all you need to fill all these details correctly and then click save button.

tax form

After filling the company details, you need to take the main step, which is to fill the TAX form. Don't worry, that's pretty easy too!

After saving the company details you will be able to see the TAX form option on the right side, you just need to click on the edit option to fill it.

So when you click on that edit option, you will be taken to a page where you have to select a TAX form.


TAX Form may be different for you. It depends on the country you live in. So read carefully and then choose your TAX Form.
In the case of a Non-US TAX resident, you simply need to choose the W-8BEN TAX Form.


So in my case it's TAX Form W-8BEN so I just have to check that box.

Now after that you just need to provide some basic information like your country, permanent address, city etc.

After filling all these details properly, you just need to scroll down and then you need to enter the signature, which means you just need to enter the name in the text.


In the Signature field, the person name should be the same as the Organization name and the name which you have written in the user information.

Step:8 Payment Information

Now comes the step which you are interested in because by doing this step properly you can easily get your commission affiliate marketing payment.

After returning to the opt-in checklist, you will need to click the Add Payment Information button and this will take you to a page where you can add that information.

As you can see below, here you need to set the payment threshold first. The minimum you can set is $50, and you can raise the threshold as well.

Also, if you want to change the currency, you can even do that, by default it's set to USD, so leave it.

In addition to the payment threshold, you must provide information about your bank accounts, such as account type, account number, routing number, and bank name.

So when you are done filling all the information correctly, check it again and then just click on the save button.

Step:9 Answer the Questions

After returning to the engagement checklist, you should take the easiest step, which is to answer a few questions.

This is now the farthest east step and takes barely 60 seconds to complete. For this, you need to click the “Reply now” button.

In this case you just need to answer only 4 questions as per your network.

After answering all the questions, all you have to do is click the “Submit Answers” button and that's it, we've done all the steps.

Step:10 Activate the account

This is not actually a step, but you must complete this step to activate your commission match account.

To do this, the simple step you need to take is to click on the Activate Account button and this will finally activate your account.

Now you are ready to join any affiliate program or advertiser on CJ Affiliate and start making money online with affiliate marketing.

How Commission Junction works?

Commision Junction is an affiliate marketing network and as everyone knows how affiliate marketing network works and how you earn money to sustain your business.

It is also known as CJ Affiliate and is a network of advertisers and affiliates.

You have many advertisers in your network and those advertisers have their own affiliate program.

What affiliates do is simply get the approval of advertisers to promote their affiliate programs with their promo methods and this way affiliates earn money with CJ.

When affiliates promote advertiser programs, in this case the advertiser gets customers to grow their business and that way the advertiser also earns money.

This business is run by CJ Affiliates as it connects both advertisers and affiliates. Only advertisers need to pay to join CJ and it's 100% free for all affiliates to join.

CJ is paid by all advertisers and this is how commission matching works and many people call it CJ's affiliate business model.

How to apply for any Affiliate Program on CJ

It's very simple, to apply for any affiliate program on CJ, all you need to do is first login to your CJ control panel.

Then you need to go to the Advertisers section, which you can see at the top of the navigation bar.

Then you'll be able to see some featured advertisers, if you want to see and request them, you can.

But to search for the affiliate program you want, you just need to check the left side, because there you will find a search box to search for any advertiser.

There you can write the name of the advertiser (in the advertiser field) or you can write a keyword (in the keyword field) with which you will see many advertisers belonging to the same category.

For example, if I search for Namecheap in the advertiser field, you will be able to see their affiliate program on CJ.

So all you have to do is just apply for that program if you want to get approved.

5 Best Affiliate Program on Commission Junction

1. Namecheap

Namecheap is a domain and web hosting service provider. Just like the hosting services affiliate programs, it also has its own affiliate marketing program located at CJ.

Namecheap Affiliate Commission structure

  • Per Sale- 20%-50%, $0-$20
  • Per Lead- $0

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is also a domain and web hosting service provider. It is very famous for providing best domain service. Their affiliate offers are also available on the CJ network.

GoDaddy Affiliate Commission structure

  • Per Sale- 10%
  • Per Lead- $0

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance marketer and one of the best freelance marketplaces on the planet. Your affiliate program is one of the easiest to promote.

Fiverr Affiliate Commission structure

  • Per Sale- $15-$150
  • Per Lead- $0

4. 1 Password

1Password is a password management platform where one can easily manage all their passwords from social media platforms or different websites. This way it becomes very easy to manage all those passwords.

1Password Affiliate Commission structure

  • Per Sale- 25%
  • Per Lead- $2

5. Designcrowd

Designcrowd is similar to Fiverr, but it's a freelance marketplace just for designers, as you can tell from its name. Their affiliate offer is also good and it is available on CJ.

Designcrowd Affiliate Commission structure

  • Per Sale- $35
  • Per Lead- $0

Best Alternatives of CJ

Along with CJ, there are also many affiliate marketing networks that are also very important in the affiliate marketing industry.

In affiliate marketing, I have also profited from the affiliate networks listed below. So take a look at these top commission crossover alternatives.

1. Rakuten

Rakuten is very similar to affiliate network for joining commission, similar to CJ, Rakuten also gives you instant approval for their affiliate network, so you can join easily.

There are also very good affiliate offers, all you have to do is just join and then promote them to earn money.

2. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks with more than 16,000 affiliate programs and this is why it is the best platform for all new affiliates.

You can simply get approved on ShareASale by advertising on the site and then you can easily apply for the affiliate offers that are inside so you can promote them as well as earn money in affiliate marketing.

3. Impact Radius

Well, to be honest, Impact Radius is my favorite affiliate marketing network because they have very good affiliate programs that are also very easy to promote for all beginners.

All you need to do is get approved and then start finding the best affiliate offers to apply for. Once those offers are approved, you can simply promote them better.

4. FlexOffers

Joining FlexOffers is a bit difficult, but if you have good quality content and a website with a small amount of traffic, FlexOffers can easily approve you.

Once approved by FlexOffers, you will be easily approved for affiliate programs within it. Therefore, everything will be easier for you.

FAQs on ‘How to Join Commission Junction’

1. How do you get approved by Commission Junction?

Actually, commission matching gives you instant approval and hence you don't need to get CJ approval.

But, for affiliate programs that are inside CJ Affiliate, you need to get approval before you can promote them.

2. How much money does it cost to join the Commission Junction?

If you want to join Commission Junction as an affiliate, let me tell you, it's 100% free.

As an affiliate, you don't have to pay a single dollar to CJ, all you need to do is join their network, promote affiliate offers and earn money in return.

3. How does the Commission Junction make money?

Well, this is the most frequently asked question on Google, many people also search for what is CJ's affiliate business model. Now here I am going to answer this.

It is a network of advertisers and affiliates. The advertiser lists their affiliate programs which are then promoted by the affiliates, this is where the affiliates earn money.

But, in order for advertisers to keep affiliate programs active on their CJ, they have to pay money to CJ, and this is how commission crossover makes money.

I hope you understand now.

4. How do I become an affiliate marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer, all you need to do is simply build your online audience.

The best way to build an online audience is to create a website and then drive traffic to it so you can promote any affiliate program and simply make money with affiliate marketing.

Therefore, this way you can become a good affiliate marketer.

5. How do I get CJ affiliate link?

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3.

To get CJ affiliate links, you just need to open the affiliate program of the advertiser you joined CJ Ads, just click the get links button.


If you have read this entire article and reached this last part, you can easily create your CJ affiliate account to do affiliate marketing.

But, here in this article I have solved your query on how to join Commission Junction affiliate marketing network and now I hope you will not search on this topic anymore.

In this article, I have also shared some more tips and strategies to help you do better on CJ and make easy money at Commission Junction Affiliate.

So, after creating a complete and solid profile on CJ, all you need to do is start working on it, searching for the best affiliate offers for you that you can easily promote to your network.

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