Palm Psychic Reading

Each hand will offer the palm peruser diverse data in light of the fact that the left hand portrays the potential an individual holds, while the correct hand portrays how that individual has managed the potential. A palm peruser starts by picking which hand is ideal to peruse for the specific perusing and afterward by knowing which sort of hand the customer has. There are four kinds of hand.

Earth hands are ordinarily wide, with square palms and fingers. Distinctively they have thick, harsh, and calloused skin which is bronzed in appearance and the palm’s length is equivalent to the length of the fingers. Earth hands normally connote a reasonable individual who’d preferably experience life over reading about it.

Air hands have commonly square or rectangular palms with long fingers. Distinctively they have unmistakable knuckles and dry skin. The palm’s length is for the most part equivalent to the length of the fingers. Air hands are profoundly learned and are consistently inquisitive and loaded with thoughts. They are normally inclined to stress and stress.

Water hands have commonly short and time oval palms with thin fingers. The palm is more extensive than it is long, with the fingers rising to the stature of the palm. Water hands have a place with exceptionally enthusiastic individuals that are very imaginative.

Fire hands have commonly square or rectangular palms that have flushed skin and more limited fingers than most. The palm is typically more than the fingers. Fire hands are vigorous and restless with little resistance.


Each hand has four lines that are utilized to perceive more explicit data than the hand type gives the peruser while keeping up the more broad data of the perusing.

The heart line incorporates all issues of the heart.

The headline shows the individual’s acumen and astuteness.

The existing line is the line of predetermination.

The destiny line is perused in close by the existence line to show future occasions.


Perusing the mounts on the palm is the following inside and out advance in palm perusing. At the base of each finger is a springy cushion that demonstrates some more profound data than the lines or hand type can:

The Venus mount is the enormous cushion beneath your thumb. It identifies with affection, instinct, imperativeness, erotic nature, and achievement. A high Venus mount shows wantonness and overindulgence, low demonstrates somebody persuasive and enthusiastic and level shows those with next to zero revenue in day-to-day life.

The Jupiter mount sits beneath your pointer. It identifies with individual convictions and authority capacities. A high Jupiter mount shows egotism and a ruling character, if your Jupiter mount is low, you are clever and goal-oriented, and a level Jupiter mount implies that you need self-assurance.

The Saturn mount sits beneath your center finger. It shows persistence and duty. A high Saturn mount shows a frequently discouraged and timid individual, if the Saturn mount is low, you are capable and amicable and if it’s level, you tend to be disrupted.

The Apollo (or Sun) mount sits beneath your ring finger. It shows innovative virtuoso and general satisfaction. A high Sun mount shows luxury, a low Sun mount shows somebody active and a level Sun mount shows an absence of a creative mind.

The Mercury mount sits underneath your little finger. Mercury shows abundance and keenness. A high Mercury mount can show somebody who can be untruthful, a low Mercury mount implies you are insightful and adaptable, and a low Mercury mount shows somebody who thinks that it's hard to impart.

The Luna (or Moon) mount begins underneath your little finger and runs along the outside of your hand. The Moon mount shows a creative mind and innovativeness. A high Moon mount shows somebody exceptionally innovative who lives in the mists. It shows empathy and a solid chance of clairvoyant capacity. A low or level Moon mount shows somebody who generally lives in their creative mind, yet shrouds it well.

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