Is Purple Garden a Trustworthy Psychic site to Use in 2023?

A psychic reading site with a simple mission, Purple Garden promises to help you make the most of your life. Although this platform emerged much later than other big names, it has won the hearts of thousands of users worldwide.  

This website belongs to the Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics network. It is easy to use and intuitively designed so that you can ask questions right away without having to read through pages of text or worry about whether the online psychic will understand what you're asking.  

Each Purple Garden psychic is highly qualified and trained to provide accurate information about the unknown. They have received extensive training in using their gifts responsibly so that they don’t give out any false information or try to trick people into believing things that aren't true. These ethical psychics work hard to ensure that their clients get the most accurate information possible so that they’re always prepared for what's coming down the pipeline for them.  

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However, some users that check out the Purple Garden site for the first time get skeptical about psychic readings by phone or chat because of the mixed reviews. The lack of a free trial and satisfaction guarantee doesn’t help assure them either.  

So, should you look past these things and trust the psychic readers on this platform with important life matters?      

While you may not believe it until you try for yourself, we’d like to make it clear that Purple Garden psychics are all real people with exceptional mystic abilities. Besides, they do have exclusive offers, like using Purple Garden promo code to get $10 for every purchase you make on the site.  

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Top Pros and Cons through the Lens of Purple Garden Reviews 


👍 What We Appreciate 

✅       Access to a multitude of online psychic readings (10+ types) 

✅       Great number of online psychics (over 1200) 

✅       Psychic reading screening is thorough 

✅       User freedom for picking a psychic match with the help of detailed profiles 

✅       Realistic and personalized advice on all subjects 

✅       Fantastic introductory cash-back offer ($10 after each purchase) 

✅       A contemporary app for psychic readings by phone or chat 

✅       Communication modes range from phone calls to in-page chat and video correspondence   

✅       Diverse price points for all types of users (starting from >$1) 

✅       24/7/365 assistance from expert customer service agents 

✅       Quick refund processing in case of a reasonable issue faced by the user during a session 

✅       Free info in the FAQ section 

✅       A dedicated forum for community suggestions 

✅       Strict measures for the use of privacy protection  

👎 What Could Be Better? 

❌       Psychic readers charge differently for chat sessions, phone calls, and face-to-face video reading 

❌      No free minutes for new users 

❌       Frequent glitches in the mobile app due to technical issues  

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Getting Authenticity Concerns Out of the Way: Are Purple Garden Psychics 100% Legitimate?