Skillshare Affiliate Review (Best Education Affiliate Program)

It is also known as one of the best and highest paying CPA offers as it gives you a basic commission along with sales commission.

So if you are reading this article, I am sure you want to know Skillshare Affiliate Review. If so, don't worry.

As here in this article, I am going to share with you a detailed overview of skillshare affiliate program so that you can understand it and join to earn money online.

Not only the review but here you will also get a guide on how to promote Skillshare affiliate in the right way so that you can earn more commissions.

Therefore, this page is perfect for you to read.

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Skillshare Affiliate Program Detailed Overview
Learn more about the Skillshare affiliate offer
Skillshare Affiliate Alternatives:

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online education marketplace that has tons of online courses available in almost every category like graphic design, programming, digital marketing, social media marketing, photography, and more.

There are many people who list their courses on Skillshare and these courses are bought by people who want to learn that course.

Therefore, it is an educational marketplace for those who want to teach and those who want to learn.

As you all know, almost every website has its own affiliate program and here comes skillshare affiliate which is one of my favorites.

So let's dive in and try to learn more about their affiliate program.

Skillshare Affiliate Review starts here

Now, as the main review starts, so you are on this page and I am sure after reading this entire article you will not look for this educational marketplace review again which is Skillshare.

Network available

You may know that there are some affiliate programs available from some of the big affiliate marketing networks, so in order to join those programs you need to join those networks first.

Let me tell you that one of those affiliate offers is Skillshare as it is also available in some affiliate networks.

Basically, it's only available on two networks, and those two are my favorites. Now tell us about those two platforms.

1. Impact Radius

Impact Radius is one of the best affiliate marketing networks with a large network of publishers and brands.

There are many brands that have published their offers on Impact so that affiliates can join and promote them.

The Skillshare affiliate program is available on the Impact Radius network, so if you are interested in joining this offer, you must first be approved by Impact.

But don't worry, getting approved by Impact is very easy.

All you need to do is first apply to join Impact as a publisher and then wait a few days for your response.

See radius of effect overview for details

Once approved by Impact, there you just need to search for Skillshare, then you will get that offer, now you need to apply to become their affiliate member.

2. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is another best and popular affiliate marketing network which also has a very large network connecting advertisers and affiliates.

In case you are not approved by Skillshare on Impact, all you can do is approve FlexOffers.

To get verified as a skillshare affiliate on FlexOffers, you must first join FlexOffers as an affiliate.

As Skillshare offer is also available in FlexOffers network and trust me, once approved by Flexoffers you can easily get approved by Skillshare affiliate program.

Learn about Flexoffers payment methods

Understanding Commission structure

This is the most important thing we have to review about Skillshare affiliate program.

As already said skillshare affiliate is one of the highest paying affiliate programs because it gives you high payout.


The commission is different in both networks, so let's understand both.

Paying Commissions at Impact Radius

Per Trial/Lead

The Impact affiliate skill exchange offer pays $7 for a trial signup, which means that if a user simply follows your affiliate link and tries out the skill exchange market, in this case they will earn $7.

Per Sale

In Impact affiliate network, it offers you $8 per sale and $18 per sale, which means if a user follows your affiliate link or banner, then if you use a promo code, you will receive $8 and $18 (depending on the ad used from the code. )

Per Trial/Lead

In the FlexOffers affiliate network, it offers you $12 per trial signup, which means you will earn $12 in commission when a user takes a Skillshare trial by following your link.

Per Trial/Lead

In the FlexOffers affiliate network, it gives you $20 and $30.2 per sale when a user buys a general skills plan by following your affiliate link but using a promo code.

Attractive Marketing Materials

To promote an affiliate offer in a better way or generate more sales, good and attractive marketing materials are all you need.

A good supply of marketing materials attracts visitors and thus we generate more sales in affiliates.

I must say that Skillshare provides you with very attractive marketing materials so that you can use these materials to promote them to your audience.

Like I said, it's on Impact and FlexOffers, so you'll get good creative on both platforms.

Deep Linking availability

Deep linking feature is very important in affiliate marketing as it helps us to target the right audience and generate more sales.

With the help of deep linking, we can send users to a specific page on the website, in this way we can advertise any product, service or page on the website.

Learn all the benefits of deep linking

Minimum Threshold

As you know, Skillshare is on Impact as well as FlexOffers network, so you will pay based on the threshold of these affiliate networks.

So let us know the threshold of these platforms.


Minimum Threshold

Impact Affiliate has a threshold of just $10, which you can easily withdraw via PayPal.
Learn more about Impact Radius payment methods

FlexOffers Threshold

Minimum Threshold

The threshold on the FlexOffers affiliate network is only $25, so once you're done, you can cash out via PayPal, bank transfer, direct bank transfer, and more.
Learn more about FlexOffers payment methods.

You can work on any network and when your threshold is reached, you can easily and safely withdraw your earnings.

The Good & The Bad

Since it is a review of Skillshare affiliate program, I should also tell you about the pros and cons of this program so that you can decide whether it is good to join or not.


High Paying Program 30 Day Cookies Attractive Marketing Materials Very Easy To Promote Has Wide Audience Largest Online Learning Market


As you have seen the good things are more here, so all you need to do is ignore the bad and join this affiliate program now to promote your online earnings.

Is Skillshare Affiliates Trustworthy?

Let me give you the simple answer to this question, which is YES.

Skillshare's affiliate program is one of the largest and most popular in the affiliate marketing industry.

As you can see from the popularity of Skillshare, which is one of the largest online learning marketplaces, your affiliate offer will also be reliable.

But wait,

Let me tell you that Skillshare is not fake because I have earned over $200 from Skillshare affiliates in FlexOffers (August 2021).

Therefore, I can assure you that it really pays and is really reliable.

I will also recommend you to join this program so that you can easily promote and earn money through affiliate marketing using this great offer.

How to Promote Skillshare

As I told you at the beginning of this article, I will share some strategies to promote this affiliate program so that you too can earn good income.

So, keeping my promise, let me share my personal methods or strategies to promote any affiliate program.

1. Write SEO optimized articles

As everyone knows, SEO is the best way to generate free and more targeted traffic for your website.

So all you need to do is write a review on the Skillshare marketplace so your product can rank on Google and get traffic leading to leads and sales.

Apart from the general skills market, if you want to promote any specific course, let me tell you that you can even do that.

For example: If you want to promote a graphic design skills sharing course, all you need to do is create a deep link so users can navigate to that course page.

By doing this, you can easily target the audience who are interested in graphic design, therefore, this way you will earn money from it.

2. Make a YouTube video

SEO takes time.

So, if you don't have any knowledge about SEO or don't want to wait, you can use this work method, which is to make a video on YouTube about a general skill.

Here too you can make a video on the general skills market or you can choose a particular course and make a video about it and then post it on YouTube.

Believe me, this will also give you better results and you can make money from it.

3. Run Paid campaigns

As everyone knows, YouTube also takes time to rank or promote your video.

So, if you want to take advantage of the skills exchange offer as soon as possible, you should use paid advertising.

Here, in this case, all you need to do is choose a platform to run paid campaigns so that you can target the right audience that can bring you sales or leads.

For example, if you want to promote a digital marketing course, you should target an audience that is interested in learning digital marketing.

Paid Advertising Platform

4. Promote on Quora

Well, I have to say that Quora is one of my favorite ways to generate traffic with SEO.

You may be familiar with Quora which is a QnA site, so you need the help of this site to get traffic.

First of all, you need to choose the course you want to promote, or you can promote the entire skills exchange market, then you need to create a high converting landing page.

Then you just need to promote that landing page or website on Quora by answering questions.

Final Ratings (based on the Review)

So based on this review and my personal experience with this affiliate program, I would like to rate this 4.5/5 stars.

The reason I gave it a 4.5 rating is because it has all the features a good affiliate offer should have.

Therefore, I would like to recommend you to join this Skillshare affiliate program.

Alternatives of Skillshare Affiliate Program

1. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning is the biggest alternative to Skillshare and it also has an affiliate program that is very similar to Skillshare.

It is also an online education platform with many courses in almost all categories.

Their affiliate offer is available on both Impact and FlexOffers, so it's up to you which network you want to join.


  • Per Sale- 35% (on Impact)
  • Per Lead- $10 (on Impact)
  • Per Sale- 28% (on FlexOffers)
  • Per Lead- $8 (on FlexOffers)

2. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is also an online education platform, but

there are only technical, development and programming courses available on it.

So, you need to promote this offer to that audience, who want to learn to program.

It is available on the Impact Radius network, hence to join this, you need to first join Impact.


For sale – 15%-50%
For one lead – 5 dollars

3. Udemy

Udemy is the world's largest online learning marketplace and not only this, it also has a good affiliate offering.

His program is also available on Impact where he offers you a good commission.


  • Per Sale- 15%
  • Per Lead- $0

4. Treehouse

The Treehouse platform is somewhat similar to Pluralsight, Treehouse has courses like programming and development available.

This offer pays you high commission and it is also very easy to promote but you need to login to MaxBounty to join it.


  • Per Sale- 40%-80%
  • Per Lead- $2.4-$8

FAQs on Skillshare Affiliate Review

1. How to become a Skillshare affiliate?

Because the Skillshare affiliate program is available on both networks, Impact and FlexOffers.

So, to connect, you need to get approval from any network first.

2. What is the Skillshare affiliate commission?

On Impact Radius:

Skillshare offer gives you $7 trial and $8-$18 per sale.

On FlexOffers:

It gives you $12 per test and $20-$30 per sale.

3. What is the Skillshare affiliate program Threshold?

Skillshare affiliate program works with two affiliate networks, so you will be able to withdraw your earnings according to the threshold of those networks.


Radius of Effect: $10
FlexOffers – $25


Here ends a more detailed overview of Skillshare Affiliate.

After providing you with this valuable detailed content, I'm sure you'll never look for a related Skillshare or their affiliate program again.

Let me tell you that you only need one offer to make good money in affiliate marketing and trust me this offer can be it.

So, wait no more and search no more, just apply to join the skill exchange offer.

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