What is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars allows you to earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, and searching the internet.

The company was started in 2000 by Darren Cotter (a computer science student at the time) and was purchased by Prodege in 2019. It also manages the U.K.-based InboxPounds as well as Canada-based DailyRewards.

Click over to the sign-up page for a free $5 sign-up bonus.

Anyone can sign up. You can also earn extra cash by accessing the site from your smartphone, desktop or laptop.

Is Inbox Dollars Legit?

Inbox Dollars can be used to make extra cash online. The company has been in existence for over 20 years and claims to have paid more than $59,000,000 to its members since 2000.

Inbox Dollars, like most survey sites, looks overwhelming at first but it’s an easy way to increase your bank account.

We have spoken to many Inbox Dollars customers who have made good money using the site. Sarah Houston, a student and nanny, made $600 by taking surveys over three years.

Houston stated that although it sounds hard, once you get into a routine, it is a simple way to make extra money.

These stories and our experience provide answers to common questions.

What Can You Make with Inbox Dollars

Surveys pay between $0.50 to $5 per piece, while offers on the site pay only a few cents. So you can determine if it is worth your time, you’ll be able to see how much you can make before you complete a task.

Is Inbox Dollars actually worth it?

Yes! Yes! We have spoken to Inbox Dollars members that received cash and were very satisfied with their experience.

What is the average time it takes to get paid?

PayPal, ePayment (loaded onto a prepaid Visa Card), Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, and checks in the mail are all options for getting paid. Checks usually arrive within three to 10 days. All other payments will be processed electronically the Wednesday after your payout request.

How to make money with Inbox Dollars

Carmen Mandato/The Penny Hoarder

Inbox Dollars is similar to Swagbucks and offers simple tasks online.

Surveys online

Inbox Dollars allows you to connect with survey companies and take market research surveys for a fee. To get consumer opinions and help in product development and marketing, brands pay survey companies.

Inbox Dollars allows you to transfer some of this money directly to your account.

You’ll find available surveys in your account under the “Surveys” tab at the top.

You’ll find your notification dashboard. This is a list of surveys that you may qualify for based on the profile survey you completed when you signed up.

Surveys include information about the estimated time it will take to complete, and how much you could earn. Some surveys list the topic being covered, such as “media and entertainment” or even “entertainment(movies, music etc.). “

Many of the surveys I’ve seen offer different rates. Some pay 25c for a 22-minute survey; others $2.25 for 10 minutes and $1 for 19-minute surveys. The cost of surveys is variable and updated frequently.

You can also earn free scratch-off tickets by completing surveys. This is another way to make cash.

Video Watching

You don’t have to answer questions about yourself all the time. Instead, you can view videos and earn money for them.

You have the option to choose which videos you wish to view. You can choose from entertainment, news, sports and cooking topics. You’ll get a cent for each video you view.

Each of the videos I have seen so far is less than two minutes in length. I found this method to earn extra money more hands-off than doing surveys and more enjoyable.

Surfing the Web

Another easy way to increase your cash flow is to do this. Additional rewards will be given for random searches made through the Inbox Dollars Search Engine.

It was fun and I won a chance to “Scratch and win” which is an online scratch-off ticket that you can earn by participating in a variety of activities.

After many searches, I finally scratched my head and got 10 cents to use towards my Inbox Dollars earnings.

You can also earn Inbox Dollars in other ways

You can earn the most by taking surveys, watching videos, and using search engines to find out more about surfing the web. There are many other ways to increase your earnings.

Earn rewards by:

  • Gaming games: Play casino and arcade games to win cash or gift cards.
  • Get double-win by printing coupons Print coupons for free on this site and earn money! Redeem coupons when you shop to earn more
  • Shopping: Get cash back when your order major brands via Inbox Dollars
  • You can read emails by Using the site’s PaidEmail feature you will receive emails from advertisers. You get paid for opening them. Additional actions such as signing up for email newsletters and joining loyalty programs can help you earn more.

The amount you make for each job varies. Here are some examples of what I saw:

  • CoolSavings will send you free samples. You’ll get $1.25.
  • Get a Mr. Clean sample for free and a $2 bonus.
  • Are you looking for a side job? Get $30 off your first delivery of food through DoorDash by signing up through Inbox Dollars.

My Inbox Dollars Review – Pros and Cons

Although Inbox Dollars won’t increase your income, it is a fun way for you to surf the web and take surveys or perform other simple tasks. You probably already do a lot of this — why not make a living doing it?


  • Very easy to navigate:Overall Inbox Dollars has been very easy to use. Other consumer survey websites can be overwhelming. It can also break down offers by category.
  • You can watch your earnings grow: At the top of your window, you’ll always see how much money you have in your account. It always appears that you have so many points on similar sites. You get, for example, a $10 Amazon gift card when you cash in. This way, you can see exactly what you are getting as you play.
  • Earn money, but not points: I love the fact that the site rewards users in dollars, and not points which can be changed at any moment.
  • The site was entertaining and fun. I found myself becoming a little addicted. I was constantly looking for new surveys, scratch-off tickets, and videos on how to make sweet potato quiche. All of these things helped me make money.


  • Low earnings You’ve probably realized by now that Inbox Dollars won’t bring you big bucks. I tested the site for 24 hours and earned $7.63. This includes the $5 sign up bonus.
  • Inbox Dollars does not pay for qualified surveys. You must answer questions in order to determine if you are eligible for the survey. I would answer 10 questions before I was told I couldn’t take a survey.
  • It can be time-consuming. I admit that I had some patience with the surveys, and sometimes got frustrated. Some surveys took longer that the estimates.

How to sign up for Inbox Dollars

It is simple to sign up to become an Inbox Dollars Member. I find this approach very promising. To get started:

  1. To receive a $5 bonus , click to go to the sign up page.
  2. Enter your email and create a password. A confirmation email will be sent. You’ll receive the $5 bonus once you have confirmed your account.
  3. To create a base for your account, fill out the profile survey: race, income level, degree, marital status (or not), and medical history. You’ll receive 50 cents extra for answering all 30 questions.

I found the types of questions on the profile survey to be comparable with other survey sites. Although there were many questions, they were easy to answer. You’ll also get some breaks to scratch off tickets, which could give you more opportunities to make even more. I also got 2 cents.

Although I was distracted at times, I believe the account setup took only 15 minutes.

Inbox Dollars Pro Tip — Make the Most Of It

Carmen Mandato/The Penny Hoarder

Inbox Dollars was a fun site to play with, and I discovered a few tips that can help you make more money and have a better experience.

  • To cash out, you must earn at least $30 Inbox Dollars waives a $3 processing fee for those who wait until they cash out at $40, according to users.
  • Sign up for PaidEmail to receive up to four opportunities per day. These will appear in your inbox. These can be sent to your Inbox Dollars email inbox (the little icon at the top right corner). I chose not to opt in and simply viewed them on the website.
  • Manage your email preferences: To change your email preferences, go to Inbox Dollars‘ account settings and scroll down to the email subscriptions. This will allow you to control how many emails you receive.
  • Create a separate email account: To keep your main inbox clean, you can create a special email address for survey sites. Gmail allows you to create a free email address. You can still get paid for your PaidEmails if you don’t check it.
  • Perks available to Gold Members: After you receive your first payment you automatically become a gold member, which includes perks like faster payouts.
  • Follow Inbox Dollars Keep an eye on Inbox Dollars social media channels. There you will find WinIt codes. To win sweepstakes entries or cash prizes, copy and paste the codes in the WinIt box.

Check out What It Offers at Inbox Dollars

Online surveys and cash-back websites won’t make you quit your job, or give you a side hustle. They let you scroll through your phone mindlessly and get paid!

You might be doing this already, and we know that you are. But you could also make some extra money.

Sign up for the $5 bonus to give the site another try.

Let me know your thoughts on our Inbox Dollars review. To hear all about the money you have made, I would love to talk to a pro!

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